İkon Touch

Lighting Design

As the İkon family, we believe that lighting is intertwined with art, and we interpret your projects on this belief. Our design experienced team will prepare and present the most ideal design that will add aesthetic value to your projects.




Exterior Lighting Design - DIALUX

After your projects are modeled in 3D, appropriate armatures are determined and processed into the project. Light analysis reports are prepared to verify the accuracy of the lighting. We also offer prepared images to your liking. We make lighting designs for the buildings where you will make architectural lighting, and present them to your favor. We reach the final state before manufacturing by revising the designs we have made over 3D models or photographs of the structure in accordance with your demands. For dynamic DMX projects, we design videos over renderings or photographs to offer your favor.


Special Product Design

Starting from the architectural design, you can use special products which are suitable for the architecture, purpose and texture of the structure, and designed for your projects that you are interested in and want to come to the forefront with its difference from its material to craftsman - ship. You can be exceptional in your projects by using specially designed products instead of standard products. İkon Lighting design team works on your project, designs special products that are suitable for the purpose, texture and architecture. It presents these designs to your liking and as a result of revisions made with your ideas, extraordinary designs are created. The production drawings and technical details of the designed products are created, and their production is carried out with the same care. 



It is very important to choose the right products to form the decided lighting design. This choice should be made by considering many parameters such as product costs, operating ergonomics, installation compatibility, electrical infra - structure. İkon Lighting does lighting lay - out projects by choosing the most suitable products for the purpose. In addition, we provide support to your request by drawing wiring and paneling projects with our electrical and electronics engineers.



Adopting the philosophy of "High quality product, high quality work ...", İkon Lighting manufactures by giving priority to quality at every stage of production. In this direction, AR GE, SMD Typesetting, Metal Processing, CNC IP Protection, Quality Control, Packaging and Shipping units have been established and quality standards have been raised. IP protection is provided by pouring liquid silicone on PCB for products that do not have mechanical protection such as ledline, while IP protection operations in led armatures are made with silicone gasket or liquid gaskets at mechanical point of junctions. İkon Lighting makes this application by the CNC IP Processing Machine. In this way, problems such as color differences in light tone and oxidation of open surfaces are prevented.



Field explorations are made and infrastructure plans are created for your designed project. After the electrical infrastructure is prepared by our team of experts in the field assembly, the selected products are assembled in the field. After the final checks of our engineers or technicians, your project is commissioned and delivered.


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